Apps that you should try out

Some of you are Going back to school really soon, so I am planning to create more school-related content!

Bear | free version

Why I finally replaced Evernote with Bear - The Verge

[note app]

Bear is similar to Apple Notes; however, it has so many more powerful tools. It allows you to create checklist, use different headings, organize your notes with tags, add sketches, hyperlink, and export to different formats.

Notion | free

Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis ...


Some of all you may already use this app already. You can create a workspace with different categories such as project plan, meeting notes, journal, to-do list and so much more. I would say that my life is no longer a mess after using this app.

Headspace | free version

Headspace | One Mind PsyberGuide

[mental health]

This is such a beautiful app ~. Headspace has many different meditating sessions or courses that  focus on mental health topics such as acceptance, patience, coping with craving, managing anxiety, creativity, etc.

CrashCourse | free

CrashCourse - YouTube


CrashCourse (by John Green) has an educational YouTube channel, where interesting courses are provided such as psychology, literature, film analysis, economics. Supplemental flashcards and quizzes also make learning so much easier and more engaging!

Quizlet | free

How to play Quizlet Live - YouTube


This is truly one of the classic apps that all students should have on their phones. Quizlet allows you to create your digital flashcards, remember new vocabulary or terms. You can also take the test at the end to see if you memorize them all.

Podcasts | freeee

How to Download Podcasts and Listen to Them on Android or iPhone ...

[entertainment & education]

The content is amazing and it’s completely free! The podcasts are very informative and entertaining to listen to. My favorite podcasts are Crime Junkie, Dateline (I’m a true crime obsess), Planet Money, Science Vs., Guru, Help Me Be Me, and Bodies.

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Moleskine Journey | free version

Moleskine Journey im Test: Neue Todo-App für Schöngeister | Mac Life

[productivity & lifestyle]

This app has everything I need digitally. It not only has productivity tools such as planners, calendars, reminders but also personal development such as journals and habit tracker. I don’t really have anything to say beside it’s amazing so please check this out.

Timepage | free version

App Review — Timepage by Moleskin | by You Said What Blog | Medium


Another wonderful calendar app by Moleskine! It has beautiful but simple design (divide into two parts: one column is the date and one column is for your tasks). One of the most amazing tools is the heatmap, which allows you to see when you are free and busy.

Emphasis | free

Emphasis - Focus Timer

[pomodoro timer]

Simplicity and minimalism work. You can make a to-do list, start the timer and work on your tasks. It allows you to choose your color theme, alarm sound, and set suitable time for short and long breaks.

Webtoon | free 

WEBTOON - The official home for all things WEBTOON

[comic & entertainment]

This app is free but it is so amazing! All of apps above are all for productivity, so Webtoon is a fun app that allows you to read beautiful comics. My favs are I Love Yoo, Save Me, Aerial Magic, Magic Soda Pop, LUMINE, and Parallel City!

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